At Conco and BGI, we enable power stations, chemical plants, refineries and industrial production facilities to improve profitability, productivity and reliability through a uniquely integrated platform of products and services for condensers and heat exchangers.

This platform incorporates patented technology-based cleaning, nondestructive testing and leak detection services that will improve energy output and decrease downtime for our customers. It is only available through Conco and its distributors. BGI is Conco’s exclusive distributor in Nigeria.

For over 90 years Conco has designed and developed condenser and heat exchanger tube cleaners that have set the industry standards. Our tube cleaners feature TruFit® technology, a system that uses custom sized tube cleaners propelled by safe low pressure water to give tubes an exceptional clean.

In addition to our exclusive line of tube cleaners and plugs, Conco has developed tracer gas leak detection technology and fully integrated our non-destructive testing services. We have introduced new methods for cleaning air-cooled condensers as well as HydroDrill™ services for removing the most difficult deposits. These developments along with our many success stories have positioned Conco as the undisputed world leader in condenser and heat exchanger tube cleaning and maintenance.